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The workshop

Situated in the pittoresque centre of the village Vaagaamo in the heart of Norway´s largest valley, our workshop provides craftsman-based repairs, restoration, rebuilding and adjustments of sound, timbre and resonance on violins, harding-fiddles, violas, celli and basses. Both bow re-hairing and repairs is also taken care of. We use only the highest quality bow hair, to our costumers utmost preference, and a fast delivery is guaranteed.




Evaluation and consultation

Whether you are considering to buy, sell, restore, or insure an instrument we welcome you to drop by for a professional evaluation of origin, valuation, and technical condition.

To keep your instrument in optimal condition frequent maintenance is paramount. Should an unfortunate damage occur we will advice you on what measures we find needed and give you a quotation on the repair. Sound, timbre and resonance adjustments are preferably carried out in close collaboration with the customer to achieve the best results possible.




Building new instruments

The ancient Italian maestros are our serves as our exemplary models when building professional instruments to meet professional standards. We are offering completely craftsman-based building of violins, violas and harding-fiddles. Our aim is to achieve the same quality of a warm, sustained and full overtone sound associated with the old italian maestros.


As a contrast to the present mass-production and in respect for the old masters work and pride of vocation we believe that even today there are demands for instruments made the same way, in the same spirit and to the same standards of precision.


Please feel free to contact us if you are considering buy – or try - an instrument.




Background and education

Bergnord studied the craft for four years for a masters certificate and has over 30 years of professional practice. Nordheim studied for three years at the violin-maker school of Klingenthal, Germany – and has been in the workshop since 2011.


Our knowledge, pride of work and professional background is your guarantee of satisfaction

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